The Beatles

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John Winston Lennon was born on 9th October, 1940; his father was a seaman and was seldom at home. One Day Julia wanted to get her money from Fred’s pay and she got the information that Fred didn’t work on a ship, he had pushed off and nobody knew where he was. So Julia married another man, and John lived by Mimi, Julia’s sister, because John didn’t like the new husband of Julia.
When John was five years old, his father Fred came to Mimi and asked her, whether he could make a trip to Blackpool. John and Fred lived for 3 months with a friend of Fred. As this friend decided to go to New Zealand, Fred wanted to go with John as well as his friend to New Zealand. But Julia wanted, that John came with her into her new house, John had to decide, and so he went to his mother. But Mimi also wanted, that John came to her and so John finally lived at Mimi’s and George’s house in Woolton, Liverpool.
John went to elementary school in Dovedale, he was a good pupil, said the rector. He heart music like “Let him go” and he sang in the church-choir, because he had a good voice.
In the school or in the street, John always wanted to be the leader. In the school he was the leader of a crew and often there were punch-ups.
The atmosphere at home was superficial, but good, but in reality, John didn’t get an answer to many questions about his family and his father. John searched the answers to his questions by Mimi, but she always said`, John, your parents have lost their love.´
1952 John went to the Quarry Bank High School; it was a little school near Mimi’s house. In this school, John was also a leader of a crew. He was an aggressive boy in his school-time. At school, he often made pranks and he wasn’t good at school. He was a talented and imaginative boy. John was nearly thirteen as his uncle suddenly died. In this time, Julia came again into John’s live. She stood by him, she helped him and if John had any problems with Mimi, he came to Julia.
At the end of John’s school-time he was interested in pop-music. He had a harmonica from Uncle George and he learnt by himself. One day, he went to his cousin in Edinburgh and on the journey he got a new harmonica from a conductor. The pop-songs in this time were from Johnny Ray and Frankie Lane, but the more important ones were from Elvis Presley and Lonnie Donegan. Donegan made simple music, skiffle music and many young people took an instrument and built a group. As well as John, he went to his mother, because she could play banjo. The first melody, he could play, was “That’ll be the day”. And so John built a group in the school, he was the leader and the boys came and went. So, one day John met a boy at a party, it was Paul!


James Paul McCartney was born 18th June, 1942 in the Walton-Hospital in Liverpool. His father Jim worked in an engineering works, Paul’s mother was a nurse. They lived in a furnished room, but as Paul came with sooty marks in his face, they decided to change the house. So the family lived in Speke and Paul visited the elementary school, he got a description in the final examination. He was a mature boy and he knew some sexual things. Paul was, like John, a good painter, and very creative. In his bed, Paul heard music with his headphones, before he slept, he was interested in pop-music. His mother died of breast cancer when he was fourteen. His father was 53 years old and had to look after Paul and his brother Michael, he was twelve and he had to bring money into the house. One day in the week, an aunt of Paul and Mike came to clean the house and looked after the children. As Paul’s mother died he took the guitar and wanted to play. Finally as Elvis came, Paul was so interested that he wanted to take lessons in playing guitar. Paul played guitar anywhere, he had a friend and from him Paul learnt some accords, tracks and melodies. Both carried the same jacket and trousers.
One day Paul’s friend showed Paul a group at a party in which John played the first guitar. So Paul was interested in the playing from John and they became friends. Paul knew George, he was also interested in playing the guitar and so Paul brought George to John.


George Harrison was born in Liverpool 25th February, 1943. He was the youngest of the four children. The Harrison´s lived only a few miles away from John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was hard work, to get George into an elementary school, because all of these schools were overcrowded but he was so intelligent, that his mother sent George into the elementary school. It was the same school in Dovedale, which had John also visited, and one brother of George went into the same class as John, but John and George didn’t become acquainted. In 1954 George came into the Liverpool institute, as well as Paul, but Paul had come one year earlier George came to the institute. George had long hairs and so he scared the teachers, he wore tight trousers, he took the sewing machine and made it even tighter. He wanted to look differently from the other pupils. George was interested in pop-music, as Lonnie Donegan and the Skiffle came, he wanted a guitar. He practised till 3 o’clock at night. One day he got an invitation to play with a group in the British Legion Clubs in Speke. For the first musical-night, George organized a group and so they played in the club. Because the right artist wasn’t in the club, they had to make music in the whole night and everyone got 10 shillings. George didn’t play every time in the same group and so he met Paul and they became friends. So Paul, John and George were the active Quarrymen players.

The Quarrymen

In the autumn of 1957 John had begun at the art college, he always wore tight trousers, but Mimi didn’t know this, because he wore another par of trousers over them and when he came to the bus station he took off the “normal” trousers. So he was a rowdy on the art college. He didn’t pass an examination, but he went to the college, because it was better than to work. He wanted to be a millionaire and he dreamed of a woman who was a millionaire.
15th July, 1958, his mother Julia died, she had a car accident near Mimi’s house. It was a hard shock for John. In this time he had many girlfriends.
In his class was a shy girl, called Cyndia Powell, she loved John and at a dance party John’s friend told him that, she loved him. So John danced with her and they became friends. She became his wife.
The end of the year 1959 was also the end of the group Quarrymen. Mrs. Harrison and George liked the groups and to play in them but his father wanted that George make an education. In the summer of 1959 George started to work as an electrician, it was a funny job, better than school.
Paul thought as well as George, to leave the school, but he didn’t know, what he could do. He spent many hours in playing guitar with John and George, at the beginning his father didn’t like this. But as he heard them playing, he wanted to show the boys a lot of new accords. John, Paul and George didn’t want this and so Jim, the father of Paul cooked something for them.
In the first year, John and Paul wrote about 100 songs, as well as “Love Me Do”. They both grew up in playing guitar, because they watched some stars on television.
As an organist of a competition came to Liverpool to search a lot of talents, John, Paul and George wanted to play. At the test, there were half of the Liverpool teenagers. John, Paul and George passed the test and so they could go to Manchester as the “Moondogs”. In Manchester they got a lot of applause, but they had to go home, because the Moondogs hadn’t any money, to pay for a hotel. And so they didn’t know, what was the end of the competition.
At the art college John and Stuart became friends and Stuart spent a lot of time with the group. When he won a price in an art competition and got 60 pounds, John bought a bass guitar for himself and he played with the group. In this time, Stu always stood with the back to the public.
In the year 1959 the group decided to change their name. The new Name came from John, they all were interested in the music of Buddy Holly and his Crickets (Grillen). They liked the music and the name of the group, Crickets. So John made puns and associations. And he came to the word beetles = Käfer, but he wanted to bring the word beat-music into the name and so he made the word, namely Beatles. But in the first interview they called themselves “Silver Beatles” and they came without a drummer. Johnny Hutch took the place of the drummer. And so the Silver Beatles passed the test interview and got an engagement to play for two weeks as a companion to “Larry Parnes”. For this tour they needed also a new drummer, it was Thomas Moore.
For the first pro appearance they changed all their names. Paul was Paul Ramon, George was Carl Harrison, Stu was Stu de Staêl and John was Johnny Silver.
After the trip in Scotland they got an engagement to play in a striptease club. They had two appearances a week, in one night they earned 15 shilling and lots of fried eggs with toast and coke. Also they came back to the “Casbah Club”, Ken Brown was the new drummer. But a few months later he didn’t come to play and so there was a quarrel and Ken went out. In the Casbah Club John, George and Paul were the Quarrymen, but they had also engagements in Scotland there they called Silver Beatles. In this time Ken built a new group, “The Blackjacks” and the Casbah was successful with both groups.
As Ken Brown went with his family to another city, “The Blackjacks” broke up. And so Paul used the possibility to get a new drummer, he phoned Pete Best, and Pete came into the group. One day Alan Williams came to the group and he sent John’s group to Hamburg. In “The Cavern Club”, the Beatles played also sometimes, because it was a jazz club. But as the Cavern noticed that the Beatles had their own public, the Cavern wanted that the Beatles play more often.

Hamburg (1960)

In Hamburg, John. Paul, George, Stu and Pete played in a night club, Allan Williams organized that.
First they slept in a cinema. But as the other group from Liverpool went home, The Beatles played in a bigger night club. At the beginning they played one hour. One day, a man said, “make show” and the Beatles made a show and they played for 8 hours. It was hard, because in Liverpool they played for 1 hour and they could every time repeat the songs. Into the German night club, came many people and often there was a brawl. But also they had some girls. At the beginning of the tour they were good boys, but the long time to play made the boys tired. Only Pete Best didn’t take drugs.
A few weeks after the arrival another group came in the same night club, from now up they could swap with the other group. One hour played The Beatles and the other hour played The Rory Storm group.
As Pete, the drummer of the Beatles became ill, the drummer of the other group played for him, he was Ringo Star. It was the first contact between Ringo and The Beatles.

German Contact

One day, a man came in the “Kaiserkeller”, he wasn’t a rocker, he was a student. First he was the group of Rory Storm with Ringo as drummer. The man, Klaus Voormann, stood near the Beatles and observed their, as The Beatles went to play and John, sang a lot of songs, he was fascinated. He liked The Beatles. After 8 hours of music, Klaus went home to Astrid and told her about The Beatles, but she wasn’t interested. At the second day, Klaus wanted, that Astrid came with him, but she said, that’s a night club, that’s not for me, that’s for “rockers”. And so Klaus went alone. He wanted to speak with The Beatles, but it was hard to do this. At the third day, Astrid came with him, and she also liked the music of The Beatles. So, some students came to hear the music and the atmosphere in the night club became better. Klaus was a graphic artist and Astrid was photographer, so she made a photo of the first Beatles. And so they became friends. Astrid made a tea time and so the Beatles without Pete came to Astrid. In Astrid’s house the Beatles learnt how German live and meet. Astrid liked Stu very much, but they couldn’t communicate. Astrid asked Klaus, whether he could teach her some English. And so Stu and Astrid sat on the bed with the translation book.
Astrid made some pictures of the Beatles, on a train track or other places, it became very good pictures.
In the November 1960 Stu got engaged to Astrid, it was two months after the first meeting.
When they could communicate, they married. The Beatles had now two groups of followers, The Rockers and The existentialist. Now the Beatles were 5 months in Hamburg and had much success in the “Kaiserkeller” and so they wanted more, they wanted to play in a bigger club. So the Beatles went to the club “Top Ten” and got a contract, but George got a letter, he had to leave Germany, because he was 17 and had no work permit. The other Beatles played the first night in the “Top Ten”. On the second day, Paul and Pete carried their things from Bambi to Top Ten, but couldn’t see anything and so they used a lighter and set something on fire, because of this, the police came ad took both into prison for 3 hours and they had to go home, too. John decided to follow both of them. Stu got few days later also a letter and he had to leave Hamburg, but he left Hamburg with the plane, the others by train.

In England

In Liverpool the Beatles had no contact with each other. 3 weeks, after the Beatles arrived in Liverpool, they performed a concert in the Casbah Club. It was a great development since the last time in England. On 27th December, 1960 they got an engagement in the town hall of Citherland. The Beatles played all the new songs with new effects in Liverpool and the young people were enthusiastic. On this first evening, stood on the Beatles posters, “The Beatles directly form Hamburg”. And all thought, that the Beatles were German, and when they gave an autographing session, they all thought, that the Beatles spoke very god English.
The Beatles played a loud and hard music, different from the others. The others played music like The Shadows. And the Beatles were the only group who didn’t rehearse. The Beatles became more well-known and so they played 292 times in the Cavern Club from January 1961 till February 1962.
If the Beatles made a mistake or the amplifier broke down, they brought the people to sing a schmaltzy like “Coming round the mountains”. In April 1961 the Beatles went the second time to Hamburg. They had to play in the Top Ten, it was a better location as the first time. The public were bigger and the people were more enthusiastic.
In Hamburg, Stu left the group and married Astrid. So the first PL of the Beatles, it called “Beat Boys” Stu didn’t play. From now on Paul played the bass guitar. July 1961 the Beatles came back to Liverpool and every one earned 10 pounds a week. In the Cavern Club the Beatles were now the permanent playing group, but the Casbah was still the headquarters. In this time they got a driver, who was Neil.
John and Stu wrote very long letters with jokes and some histories and suddenly there came the information that Stu had died of brain haemorrhage. He died in April, 1962. In October, 1961, a boy came into a shop, to buy a LP of the Beatles, but the salesman didn’t know anything about the Beatles. And so the salesman decided to search for the Beatles. This was Brian Epstein and some months later, he would become the manager of the Beatles. Now the Beatles got 400DM a week, per person. They went the third time to Hamburg and played in the biggest club, the Star Club.
Brian wanted a LP Contract and he went to some companies, but he had no success.
But one day, Brian went to EMI and they wanted a test-version of the Beatles songs. It was May 1962 and the Beatles still stood in Hamburg. As the Beatles heard that, Paul and John begun to compose some songs. At the end of June 1962 George Martin, a man from the EMI company, said they should make a contract with Parlophone. Pete didn’t know anything about this, because John, Paul and George decided that Ringo Star should play the drums and Pete had to go out.
It was a terrible time, the fans of Pete beat the fans of the Beatles and the Beatles. There were some fights. So Ringo Star came to the Beatles.
The first contact with music was for Ringo a group at work, after this, he played in the Rory Storms group and then came the Beatles; he was born on 17th July, 1940.
Brian had to work hard and so he left his job, and he managed only the Beatles.
In August, 1962, Cyn and John married, because she was pregnant, but it was a secret affair. In this time the Beatles became popular, they had many fans and the fans stood at the Cavern Club half a day before they played. Maureen Cox was also a Beatle fan, she liked Ringo so much, one day she went to Ringo and kissed him. A few days later, Ringo danced with her and they became lovely friends. 11th September, 1962 the Beatles made the first English record. They played 17 times the song “Love Me Do”, till George Martin was content. But Ringo didn’t play the drums, George took another drummer, because he didn’t like Ringo. The record “Love Me Do” came out on 4th October, 1962.
In the “New Record Mirror” the record reached the 49th place, one week later in the pop-Newsletter “New Musical Express” the Beatles stood on place 27. Then came the 4th time in Hamburg, and when they came back, they recorded a new record. The record was called “Please Please Me” and it came out in January, 1963. Dick James organized the first entrance for the Beatles on the television of London. With the second record the Beatles came into the top hit list on place one, it was a success.
In February 1963 the Beatles started the first tour, but they were in the shadow of Helen Shapiro. In the end of the tour, the Beatles got the same applause as Helen Shapiro and so Arthur Howes, the organizer of the Beatles sent them to the next tour with Chris Montez and Tommy Roe. And so they came into the pop-world.
Of course the success of “Please Please Me”, the Beatles made a LP, which called also “Please Please Me”, This LP was 6 months on the best-seller list.
On April, 1963, came the third record, called “From Me To You” it was also a success and they got for it the silver record.
On the third tour, it was with Roy Orbison, they were the stars, and the reaction of the people was the same like in the Cavern Club. The population was a problem for Neil, because they changed every day the location and Neil had to build the technique, it was very hard for him, the fans wanted to steal a microphone or other things. So Malcoms Evans came to Neil, he was the doorman of the Cavern. He stood all tours by the Beatles.
April 1963, John and Cyn got a son and John came to Cyn into the hospital, but not in his normal clothes, because their stood some fans of him and they wanted to go to him.

The Beatle-Fever in the whole world

October 1963 there came the Beatle-fever above the British Isles. Some people cried: “yeah, yeah, yeah…”.
In front of the stage, the people were hysterical, they had foam at their mouth and other people passed out. Nobody can imagine, what was in front of the stage. The people didn’t understand what the Beatles sang. It was not only in the British Isles, it was in the whole world. The end of this area was 1967. In this time, after the record “She Loves You” came out, 500.000 people ordered the next record. The most successful time of the Beatles came also in the United States of America. All records if the Beatles stood in the top list. And if the Beatles came with the plane, 20.000 people were waiting for them.
6th July, 1964, there was a first showing of the film “A Hard Days Night” in the presence of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.
From 1965 till 1966 the life of the Beatles was only the tours, no family and no private things. In one year they made 3 tours, one in the USA, one in Britain and one through some other countries. They also recorded 3 single records, one LP and they wanted to make one movie a year, but after the second movie “Help” their was a break, because the two years had been very hard.
12th June, 1965 it was decided, that the Beatles got the order of the British Empire. Brian, the manager, the Beatles and some others were very happy! But nobody knew for what the MBE was.

The End

1st May, 1966, the Beatles made the last concert in Britain, the last concert was in USA (29th August 1966). The single record “Paperback Writer (June 1966) and “Strawberry Fields” (February 1967) didn’t go immediately on the first place in the charts. And so the Beatles went out of the show business, because they had no fun, it was monotonous. Because they finished that, they lived in everybody as a good group and a big star, and so everyone will remember the most beautiful time of the Beatles.

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